New Year, New Platform

New Year? Well, okay, it’s October but following on from the Scottish Badgers 22nd annual conference and AGM earlier this month, the charity has now moved into a new year. With this comes a new platform to share our work and passions; introducing the Scottish Badgers Blog.

While still sharing and creating posts for Facebook and Twitter, this blog will allow us to produce some more detailed and comprehensive posts about badgers in Scotland including; their ecology, the issues facing them and the workers tirelessly trying to protect them. How do badgers change their behaviour during each of the seasons? How do they interact with their neighbouring animals? Why are they in danger? What is being done by Scottish Badgers, the government, and other bodies to help and protect these unique animals? All these questions and more will hopefully be answered by yours truly in the coming months. I will also be sharing some cute as heck photos and videos of badgers, If you weren’t yet intrigued.

And who am I? Having studied my undergraduate in Zoology at Glasgow University and recently just completing a master’s degree in Environmental Management from Stirling University, I was looking for a new project to keep me busy. I have always wanted to write a blog about something or other and the stars aligned when I got this post. I have been a volunteer with Scottish Badgers for nearly 3 years now, taking part in lots of sett monitoring sessions and raising awareness at public events. With Scottish Badgers I have also been to a number of training days and courses so my badger knowledge isn’t too shabby but I am still excited to learn more about them by writing for this blog and speaking to volunteers and staff. Below is a picture of me beneath the biggest badger I’ve ever seen.

Photo credit to Elaine Rainey and Badgers in the Landscape

For now stay tuned and look out for upcoming posts. Share the news with anyone you know who likes badgers, Scottish or not, or anyone who just wants to know more about these mysterious and wonderful creatures.

See you soon,



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